The monument
The crash

The monument

Nearly seventyfive years after the crash a number of inhabitants of (West) Beemster have taken the initiative to erect a monument. This working group has, after deliberation with the board of the community center ‘de Kerckhaen’, chosen for a location the wall of the building near the spot where one of the engines of the exploded aircraft came down burning. The force of the explosion was so gigantic that the heavy engine was launched over a distance of about 280 meters (308 yards). The square which lies next to the building is open to the public, a very good location for those who wish to visit the monument and read the names of the seven crew members who died or got lost in the incident.
The working group intends to unveil the monument on Tuesday June 26th, 2018, exactly 75 years after the crash. With help of the Historical Society Beemster the group hopes to raise € 2,800 to cover the costs of erecting the Wall plaquette; please see the crowd funding page.

Reconstruction of the launch trajectory of the aircraft engine, passing over the presbytery, against the wall of ‘de Kerckhaen’. The exact location has been pointed out by Piet Dekker.
(Photo and reconstruction by Theo Molenaar)