The monument
The crash

Finally, after 75 years,
a monument will be erected
for the crew of the crashed Lancaster ED 988
in West-Beemster, the Netherlands

On June 26th, 1943, a RAF bomber aircraft crashed in the meadows of farmer Johan Scheringa in West-Beemster, a rural area in North-Holland, the Netherlands, then occupied territory in the Second World War. Of the seven crew members three were found dead and recovered by German soldiers. Four others are since registered as missing in action.

In 2018, xactly 75 years after the crash, a working group of the local Historical Society of Beemster is hoping to unveil a lasting memorial. This tragic war incident in 1943 was the largest in terms of human loss at the territory of the Beemster community.

The English-language website describes the sad story about the crash itself and provides details of the seven brave men who in the early 1940s gave their lives in the worldwide battle for freedom.

At this moment, we are collecting money to erect a monument. The design of the memorial plaquette has been finished and will look as shown below. We hope many inhabitants of the Beemster polder, and others as well, will help us by donating whatever amount one wishes at the special bank account of the Historical Society of Beemster – please, see the crowdfunding page for further details.

The buttons in the left panel of this page lead you to separate pages with detailed information about the crash, the story of the failed attempt to erect a monument in 1947, reactions of inhabitants who have memories of the crash or have heard about it in their families, and of course payment instructions for those who want to contribute.

The monument will consist of a 75 kg stone plaquette of 120 x 70 cm, to be fixed on the wall of a building in West-Beemster at 280 meters distance of the crash. In the next pages you will read why this site has been chosen.